Early Intervention

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The  HEADWAY SELNWK Early Intervention pathway begins at Kings College Hospital and aims to alleviate some of the stress, anxieties and concerns that can present with the sudden onset of AB1.


How is the Early Intervention Project structured?


Kings College Hospital is the district hospital for Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark and is also a centre of excellence for Neurological conditions.  Kings therefore serves a large part of the HEADWAY SELNWK region.

HEADWAY SELNWK works as a part of a team with the Consultants, Neuro Nurse Specialist, Therapists, Ward Matrons and Managers and Nursing Staff and administrators, to provide social rehabilitation from the beginning.

The Early Intervention Co-ordinator is based at Kings to ensure that ABI patients and families are aware that there is support for them from admission, which could be on the critical care or high dependency units or the acute surgical wards, right through to discharge home. Support initially is about reassurance and addressing some of the practical issues about work, finance and family matters which could be about change in routine and managing visits to the hospital but ultimately HEADWAY SELNWK are there to improve prospects for recovery as much as possible.


Beyond the acute stage and support after discharge


 Joint KINGS/HEADWAY follow up clinics are programmed to monitor progress since discharge back in to the community and to address any clinical or social issues, thus providing the opportunity to address any concerns in a timely and appropriate manner.


 The project also links with the Neuro Rehabilitation Units, Community Therapy Teams and Social Services so we are therefore in a position to monitor the progress and provide continuity and ultimately to ensure best possible care and support and a seamless service as much as possible. This lessens much of the burden that can arise for patients and families after discharge.


The pathway continues with HEADWAY SELNWK services building on the clinical rehabilitation strategies implemented and incorporating them into social context. The benefits of early intervention become apparent at this stage as a relationship built on trust has been developed from the beginning and provides a better basis for effective social rehabilitation


The way forward


HEADWAY SELNWK and Kings also work in partnership develop clear and innovative pathways for ABI patients and families.


Kings and HEADWAY SELNWK are developing  an effective mode of data collection for the development of future ABI projects to improve service provision. Patient and family experience  are in the fore front of this process and  the aim is  to ensure that the parameters are in place to provide an efficient post acute service for as many people as possible in the future





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