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What is the Community Support programme?

Our community service provides choice and preference for service users between one to one support in the home environment in addition to or as an alternative to being part of a social rehabilitation centre in the HEADWAY SELNWK region.


Why Community Support?

The service recognises that activities are sometimes best implemented within the home therefore giving individuals and families options which are best suited to need.  Our Community Support Workers are have the training and skills that are necessary to build trust and manage the complexity of issues that brain injury can bring. They provide the right level of input to move forward with reintegration, independence and developing /regaining new skills by looking at opportunities for accessing leisure, study and vocational courses.

Working together

Planning a support programme with individuals and families is designed to develop confidence and self-esteem for service users and at the same time offers the prospect of working with other community organisations to provide a holistic approach to our intervention. In addition the process provides insight and awareness to the voluntary, statutory and private sectors of brain injury and the services offered by HEADWAY SELNWK.

 Self development  

Activities and projects in each of our localities aim to build social networks for brain injury survivors thus improving health, wellbeing, which is the foundation of our work.

HEADWAY SELNWK encourages service users to become part of the community to support the consultation and advancement of services and at the same time it is hoped that interested parties will work together to become ambassadors for creating awareness of brain injury issues. Training and involvement with local and national projects we hope will provide meaningful opportunities and address long term goals for brain injury survivors.


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