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Headway South East London North West Kent (SELNWK) is a charity whose purpose is to help people who have sustained a brain injury through sport or work accidents, road traffic accidents, assault, illness or disease.


Headway supports people and their families along with clinical practitioners to achieve an individual's restoration to an optimal level of independent functioning in the community to the point at which an individual is able to move forward within their goals towards a meaningful life.


Headway South East London North West Kent Early intervention team will provide families with information and advice during the early stages of brain injury or assist the individual by liaising with health care professionals.


For those people admitted through Kings College Hospital London, Headway SELNWK can provide early support and intervention on the neurosurgical wards within the hospital where we actively support families and patients through the discharge process.


The early intervention team where possible will make any initial referrals to appropriate services for individuals needing support, the, Headway South East London North West Kent referral team, will work hard on behalf of individuals and families to ensure a smooth transition.


Once referred to the Headway referral team, the coordinator will process the referral and book a home visit for assessment if required; a Headway assessment will then be carried out and will make recommendations for Headway support and funding arrangement if suitable or sign post to other appropriate agencies within health, statutory and voluntary sectors. Headway support can be offered through the Headway psychosocial rehabilitation services in Abbey wood, Bromley and Deptford, psychosocial rehabilitation encourages people to participate actively with others in the attainment of mental health and social competence. The process emphasises the wholeness and wellness of the individual and seeks a comprehensive approach to the provision of vocational, social, recreational, educational and personal achievement. Or our Community brain injury Service.


The Community team works within the communities of SE London NW Kent facilitating support groups for carers, training for carers, specialist literature on brain injury, educational talks, one to one community support where trained staff support individual rehabilitation and vocational goals.


The community team also facilitates community projects for awareness of brain injury and group activity.


Headway has developed several partnerships with other providers, notably with the Major Trauma Centre at Kings’ College Hospital. Where we contribute to a twice monthly brain injury clinic. Headway can support applications via GPs to the brain injury clinic for complex cases.


We also foster active links with a range of community providers including neurological rehabilitation and social work teams, education and training agencies and other third Sector organisations.


Please use our new website as a resource or tell others about Headway we hope the information here helps.

Headway UK Helpline - 0808 800 2244