Social rehabilitation

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Relearn daily living skills with hands-on support


Survivors of brain injury face a long recovery process, following discharge from hospital. Headway’s Social Rehabilitation Service offers personalised, practical help and support to ease their return to home, work and community life.


Aids rehabilitation and recovery from brain injury

Following a brain injury, people frequently expect that discharge from a hospital or completion of initial treatment indicates that the person is ‘well’ or ‘cured’. In reality, a majority experience persistent problems as a result of their brain injury and need on-going support.

Survivors of brain injury and their families can access continuing support, through Headway’s Social Rehabilitation Service. This promotes strategies for daily living, helping people with brain injury to improve their cognitive and physical capabilities. It does so by providing hands-on encouragement and support to relearn and practice everyday tasks, within a safe, semi-structured environment.

The breadth and depth of assistance that each person may need to manage in their home, job or local community varies. Whatever the extent of their particular needs, Headway supports guides and motivates brain injury survivors on their journey towards recovery and a fulfilling life.

Promotes independent daily living and sense of community

Very often there is a delicate balance between promoting opportunities for more independent daily living and protecting a person from potential harm. That’s why Headway works closely with clinicians, helping to ensure that individual support plans follow clinical recommendations.

Brain injury survivors themselves have a crucial role in the delivery of Headway’s Social Rehabilitation Service. There is encouragement to actively participate by supporting, motivating and encouraging others and to be involved in the development of services. Many Headway members believe this peer-to-peer support is invaluable, as it gives them a sense of community and a feeling of belonging.


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