Support for families

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Headway SELNWK, like all Headway groups and branches recognises and acknowledges the fact that brain injury is a family affair. Right from the onset of injury no family is ever prepared and ready to manage the agenda that is thrust upon them without warning. Families and those close to the head injured person have a different set of problems to deal with but are more likely to have an accurate insight to the situation.



Our Early Intervention project at Kings College Hospital is all about family support and it is our remit to ensure families and carers are involved in the recovery process post discharge from the acute stage to inpatient/community rehabilitation and finally at home. Individuals will spend most of the time in the care of those close to them therefore it is essential that HEADWAY SELNWK provide the right level of support, training, management and respite in order to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety and avoid family issues as much as possible.


SELNWK services offer valuable opportunities for guidance and currently there is an open invitation to join our CAMEO club that organises events every 3 months. In the future we are hoping to establish a support group for families and carers in our area and if you think that this something you would be interested or have any suggestions please contact us.

Headway UK Helpline - 0808 800 2244